I can hear you all.  He's made another change.  Sorry 'bout that.  The old content mangement system version had to be updated.  It was old enough that there was no easy way to update so I started over.  All the results are still available.  You do not need to login to see the data.


As before, the results can be accessed from the menu under the item 'Results by Year'.  I have added a menu item 'All results for a person'.  When you click on the item, you will be taked to a page with a scrollable list that contains the names of everyone in the database, about 3200 people.  Choose a name by clicking on it and then click the submit button.  You will be shown a page tthat is a list of all the entries in the database for the chosen person.  The table is sorted by date.  I have considered sorting by distance and then date.  Let me know what you think at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .